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 Y2J vs The Miz 

Registriert: 07.2009
Beiträge: 69
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Beitrag Y2J vs The Miz
Die beiden führen seit einigen Tagen einen Twitterbattle.

Ich habe euch hier alles mit Copy und Paste eingefügt.

The Miz: code broken i broke the walls down.

Jericho: I'm glad Miz thinks of me when he's taking a dumpski. I think of him when I'm banging his mum...

The Miz: i just talked to my mom and she said not to worry it happens to alot of guys, you were nervous. Also y does she call u pinky

Jericho: I heard Miz had a barnburner of a match tonight...people ran out and burned their barns in protest.

The Miz: just heard this band who r supposed to be the new jonas brothers the singer sounds like hannah montana. theyre called fozzy

Jericho: 15000 fans in attendance tonight and not one of them will buy a Chick Magnet tshirt.

The Miz: and im sure the fans in japan r excited about seeing u in ur banana hammock

The Miz: just got done with a signing at foxtail call center in melbourne with kelly kelly. headed to the arena.

Jericho: wow the foxtail call center huh? What's next, a signing at piggly wigglys?

The Miz: y did u want me to pick u up some tampons for u

Jericho: that would be great and can u please pick me up some pepto as well...I just watched one of your matches.

The Miz: this tweetwar is so childish y dont u deal with ur midlife crisis with writin a new book entitled around the world in depends.

Jericho: maybe it can compete with your new novel Miz-My Life With A Frog Face

The Miz: i heard u did so well on celebrity duets that they want u for another reality show. good luck on the biggest loser.

Jericho: thanks man. Just found out that it's running head to head with your new reality show, So You Think Youve Got Talent..

The Miz: i cant talk too much about my talent but if u really want to know ask ur mom. shes in love with it. she calls it big daddy

Jericho: you misheard her as she actually said "Craw Daddys!" in reference to the creatures residing on your frank and beans...

The Miz: eww thats disgusting. speaking of disgusting did the valtrex work or do u have to go back to the doctors for something stronger

Jericho: no the valtrex worked just like u said it would. I never shouldve questioned your experience...u ARE awesome!

The Miz: r u still mad at that guy for giving u those sores.

Jericho: yeah all I did was say u were a good worker and he punched me in the face mulitiple times. My jaw, nose and ear are really sore.

Jericho: Japanese crowds are so awesome and respectful. They really appreciate what we do...

Jericho: I'm sure that will all change when they see their first live Miz match...

Jericho: 43 years ago this month the Beatles were beaten, attacked, threatened, robbed and castigated during a tour of Manilla. I hope I don't sue today, suffer the same fate today.

The Miz: wow 43 years ago huh. so u were graduating high school around then

The Miz: just got off a 14 hour flight from australia heres to u gettin a cavity search in the philippines actually ud like that.

Jericho: Turns out we were detained at the airport cos Miz is wanted for molesting Philipino livestock. He is not welcome back here..

Jericho: this just in..Australian police have issued a warrant for Miz on the charges of impersonating a wrestler. Hes not welcome back.

Jericho: Hanging by the pool at the hotel with dreamer and just went down the slide... Gonna do a triple lindy next.

The Miz: wow u n dreamer shirtless by the pool the girls must be lining up u should charge a whale watchin fee

Jericho: speaking of whales...how's yer mum?

The Miz: just got done with improv class its so much fun. just like whippin jerichos ass on twitter. im awesome

Jericho: improv class...cool. What time is wrestling class?

The Miz: no wrestling classes needed i just watch ur matches n it shows me what not to do.

Jericho: hmmm making wrestling jokes now? That's like Paulie shore making acting jokes to deniro...

The Miz: wow uve got jokes. if u want a real good joke just look in ur pants peewee.

The Miz: heres another joke...look in the mirror

The Miz: n yes chris ur a deniro i wish someday u can teach me to pucker my lips n walk down the ramp with a stick up my a$$

Jericho: how do u know so much about my penis? Creepy...

Jericho: wow that joke is as original as your Cena angle that u ripped off from me...

Jericho: that pucker and stick up my ass walk has made me more money than you'll make in 20 years of mediocre matches and amateur promos

Jericho: watch and learn junior as the master takes you to school....

Jericho: cheer up Miz, there's always the real world reunion circuit...

The Miz: well bitch im f@#kin a playboy bunny tonight n thats actually the truth beotch. what r u doin?

The Miz: boy i wish i lived in tampa maybe i could be doin nothin. because la isnt goin off right now.

The Miz: i will give u funny...hell if i had the writers writen my tweets id be killin u. actually already am. hey master go make another million to sit at home with geek. im out havin peps hate me cause i am wwes most hated. y because i can ur not good enough to be hated more than me. im awesome at everythin i do i made the real world, the challenges, everythin i ever done n peps hate

The Miz: fact is that was truth not joke n u know it....master....master that

The Miz: to parasites, jericholics or nerds dweebs dorks whatever u call urselves these days yes im out get off the computer n do sumthin be jealous

Jericho: tsk tsk Miz u should know it's not smart to drink and tweet...

Jericho: this just in...Miz drinks 3 light beers, makes fool of self and prematurely ejaculates in his sequined shorts w playboy bunny

The Miz: i just saw a movie based on ur life. for some reason they called it bruno.

Jericho: I just saw a movie that has nothing to do with your life. It's called The Wrestler.

The Miz: ur right. A movie about a washed up has been wrestler tryin to regain the fame he once had sounds more like ur career.

IAmJericho@mikethemiz: my big fat gut is going to kick takers ass @ Summerslam.... be jealous.


14. Jul 2009, 18:14
ICKO's rechte Hand

Registriert: 07.2009
Beiträge: 80
Geschlecht: männlich
Beitrag Re: Y2J vs The Miz
ein bisschen viel :D muss mir das mal durchlesen
& thx fürs reinstellen :D

Fantasy Wrestling 4-ever

2-0 at EWG

I AM THE NEXT Galaxy Heavyweight Champion ;)

14. Jul 2009, 19:19

Registriert: 07.2009
Beiträge: 69
Geschlecht: nicht angegeben
Beitrag Re: Y2J vs The Miz
Ich finde das Y2J hier Miz eindeutig fertigmacht.
Ist ja auch irgendwie on Gimmick :D


14. Jul 2009, 19:28

Registriert: 07.2009
Beiträge: 42
Geschlecht: männlich
Beitrag Re: Y2J vs The Miz
ich finde auch das Y2J the miz fetig macht aber der text ist ein bisschen viel aber trozdem danke fürs reinstellen benny


25. Jul 2009, 10:01
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